Apologies and holiday greetings and memories from our homestead

Greetings from our homestead……

Good morning from our busy homestead… It’s been a very eventful fall and busy. Now we are heading into December and I am sitting here thinking where did the time go? There was soybean harvest this fall… My hubby and my boys worked hard to get bean harvest done for my father in law between rains. My hubby was able to plant some wheat here a couple of weeks ago… It’s hard to try to keep up with running back and forth taking kids to milk and making sure things are ok.
School has went fairly well but we’ve had a few weeks here where it’s been hard to fit in all subjects for the day.

It was somewhat of a wet fall at the beginning and temps have been cold a few weeks here. Now we are going to warm up for a few days then chances of snow next week! I can’t believe how quickly the weather seems to change! I can’t keep up. We finally removed our air unit last week from our bedroom window. It was chilly with the gaps around it. Now our room is warm! 🙂
Thanksgiving we had my parents over and I made a huge meal of all the fixings! We were stuffed! Then we went in the evening to sears and michaels. That was the only shopping we did. I can’t stand crowds! So forget the insanity of Walmart and other places… Just isn’t my thing!! But all in all thanksgiving was a good day!


Today marks 19 years my mother has been gone. It seems like yesterday. She was only 22 days past her 50th birthday. She had been diagnosed with 4th stage non Hodgkin lymphoma that July and it took her within a few months. I was a young mom,21, and had a almost year old boy and 4 months along with #2 boy. I miss her so much even today. She was a frugal lady, very crafty with her hands, loved to be at home.. Loved God with all her heart! I can’t wait to see her again some day soon!

Bethlehem tour…

I am now working on crafts for a Bethlehem tour that our family acts in every year. I am part of the towns people and am the ” light shop lady” I sell candles and other wares.. I’ve been making beeswax candles, natural potpourri, wooden spool ornaments and hand painted cards along with soaps for the holiday. I still have cinnamon roll candles to do and some hand dipped tapers. I’ve also been painting rustic ornaments for our tree. You can visit and see my crafts at my etsy shop: PrairieLightCrafts.
We got busy yesterday and with the help of my daughter and my sons friend Becca was able to get the tree up and decorations done in several places in the house. I decorated using burlap, flannel ribbon and branches from trees.. Pinecones and cedar. Besides listening to Christmas music on pandora radio and watching the nativity movie last night as we relaxed.


I want to apologize to my readers for not keeping up with my blog. I will try to do better at writing! I hope and pray that you all have a blessed holiday and remember what the true meaning of Christmas is! Over 2000 years ago! A special gift! Born in a stable and come to earth to save mankind! Jesus is The reason we celebrate christmas!













Just dropping by saying hello….

Good evening from our homestead…

It’s been a busy 7 days or so and I haven’t been able to sit down and write. Today was good ole laundry day! I make and use my own laundry soap. I use the mom’s laundry sauce recipe and add essential oils of lemon and orange to help cut grease and dirt.


the weather is changing…

Fall has arrived… Cooler temps, the soybeans are changing their colors from green to golden colors. The trees are not changing yet but we just might get a frost in our area here by the weekend. I welcome the fall weather!!!! 🙂 my tomatoes keep going and my peppers and okra… I’m craving making soup! Loaded baked potato and chili… Pumpkin pies and bread… Yep it’s fall my favorite season!!!
Ok that’s all for now from this prairie homestead…


Full weekend

It’s been a full weekend….

We’ve been busy this weekend with all sorts of things! It’s been nice and cool outside…beautiful! We received strong storms Thursday evening and through the night. We ended up getting 4 inches of rain! What a blessing! My tomatoes are going to be lasting much longer YAY! We were getting pretty dry again and needed a good rain. Only downfall is ragweed has spiked… Allergies!

Friday evening

Friday evening our teens and some adults went to a teen rally. It was a really nice rally. They expected a 100 some kids but had almost 300! Enduring was the theme. Good skit singing and preaching! Then it was ice skating and roller skating till midnight. My hubby and I didn’t dare get on skates but our two younger kids had a blast on the ice. We aren’t used to staying up that late so I forgot about setting the alarm and woke up yesterday at 11. Yikes! My whole day felt messed up! But all in all great day!

Car show and junk hunting

My hubby and his friend are starting a business of escrap. So they put an ad out on Craigslist. Well yesterday they had to go pick up a load in KCMO. It was an abandoned house that a lady was cleaning out. Talk about yuck! Dog hair, stench of cigarettes and clutter. She told us originally there were over 200 Pepsi 2 liter bottles stacked all over the house. The original owners children moved the owner to Washington and just left everything in the house. It had been ransacked by people trying to find money and items of worth. Well the guys set to work in the basement finding computer stuff. 2 hours later a truck load. I rummaged through the kitchen area (the lady told me I could have whatever I found) I went through thinking only find things that I could use. I knew if I brought anything home it needed a thorough washing. My finds were a three tier hanging basket, a cookie sheet looked like it never had been used, two mixing bowls (white older fire king) two stainless steel pans (heavy) almost brand new, three aprons, and linens and a loaf pan. We found an old pencil sharpener too. These people had left food in the fridge and freezers (I never opened) they left food in cabinets. Talk about sad and a waste. I don’t understand people who do things like that. There were nice sets of dishes and cookware you name it and you’d find it. People just waste so much! Some would say oh gross you go through that? Well I can’t see it going in a dump when someone can use it!
After we got back home from that adventure everyone wanted to clean up!!! Then we headed into our local town for a Cruise night of old vintage cars. This year was the biggest with over 2000 cars at the car show. I love seeing old cars from 1919 to 1940. I would love to own an old model T or A. Also 1960’s Camaro. It was a nice night to be out and again we were out later than usual.

spoiled milk

My hubby had to milk at the dairy this morning and walked in to a bulk tank that was warm and 1751 lbs of milk that was soured. Whoever had milked last night had forgot to turn on the bulk tank to cool down the milk. What a waste! He hates when things like that happen! It wasn’t his fault. But most of the time no one owns up to it. The boss’ son is not responsible even at age 30 something. I’m glad that hopefully by spring my hubby can quit the job. He’s been there for ten years and no raise. Only thing that has helped us is that we’ve been able to have a few cows of our own for some extra income.
Well today is Sunday and its almost time for church! I look forward to church.! A reprieve from everyday and time to fellowship and worship! I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday! Happy Autumn!!!








Facebook and cows

today I deleted Facebook

Today I deleted my Facebook account and my homestead page. I will be solely using this blog now to tell of the adventures if our homestead. It takes 14 days to actually delete Facebook. Which is kind of crazy. Anyways I’m looking forward to becoming “unplugged “from social media. I had been on since 2007. It was addicting and distracting and sometimes I wondered how freely people put things on there. Likes, places they are at…etc. You sometimes really see the true character of people on social media.Not many will agree with me and that’s fine. I just have had my eyes opened to how naive and open our society is and they don’t care. Not everything is secure as fool proof! Anyways I will now get to do my blog for the day, check my email and do some research sometimes but I am excited to get back to the basics! If I could I’d stop texting but we will see how things progress this way.

Our jersey milk cow….

Our jersey milk cow has become bloated and has had loose bowels. Yes sick I know. We made a trip to the vet to get two meds that are not antibiotics to help her. She is a vital source of food for us providing milk to make butter and cheese and drinking milk. Annabelle I hope will now start feeling better. The vet thought our alfalfa hay was rich for her to have in front of her a lot. Just enough at milking times and the other she is on grass.
My eldest is returning today from a 5 day trip to Minnesota to visit a friend. We’ve missed him and glad he is coming back. He also has to get back to his job.
Did you know today was national cheeseburger day? I plan on making some juicy burgers with provolone and cheddar cheese. 🙂 lettuce, pickles and thin sliced garden tomatoes!
The pulled pork last night turned out great! The family loved it with rice and the slaw. My dessert was a pumpkin cream cheese cake. It was so good with a spoonful of whipped cream! Super easy to make but I can’t say light on the calories. 🙂
The weather has shaped up and I’ve been washing clothes today. It’s been muggy now that we had an inch of rain. Temps will be back into the upper 80’s and 90’s. the wind is blowing so clothes are drying nicely! My laundry room was a sorry mess with laundry scattered.


Rainy days and pulled pork recipe

Rainy days

The past two days have been cool and rainy. This morning we had intense rain and lightning and its been spitting around almost all day. Yesterday we had scattered showers also. We needed it. Although it made all of us sleepy and just want to curl up and do nothing. My tomatoes will love the drink of rain. I will welcome more tomatoes to be coming on soon!
School is going much smoother now with the kids working on their own. They get up about 5:15 and start working on school by 6. They are mostly done with their subjects by noon or after. It’s been nice!
With the rain has come the challenge of laundry. It never fails I do too much laundry and hang it on my dryer racks and it takes hours for it to dry! I’ve held off using the dryer only in need be situations. We needed to get our wet laundry off the clothesline today from the rain so we dried them in the dryer. I keep reminding the family less electricity the better used.

Pulled pork recipe

Today I put pork loin chops in the crockpot for this evenings dinner and I did a different way.
6-10 pork loin chops
1 apple cored and chopped
1 tablespoon dried onion
1 bottle of Reeds apple cider ginger beer
Cover and cook on high for 5-6hours. Shred with a fork. Add the following
1 tablespoon BBQ seasoning
3 tablespoons brown sugar or raw honey
1 1/2 tablespoons of sweet chili sauce
1/4 teaspoon chili pepper flakes
1/2 cup of smoky bourbon or hickory BBQ sauce
Put lid back on crockpot and let simmer for an hour.
I will be serving pork over rice with fried apples and carrots. Also maybe make a sweet and spicy slaw to go with it. I also will try to make a pumpkin dessert of some kind for tonight.
I had seen a video where beer was used with apple in pork but we don’t have alcohol in our house and the apple cider ginger beer was the closest I had. I think if a bit of real apple cider was added it would be even better!

Full weekend

Friday was field trip day….

Yesterday the kids did some school in the morning and since it was payday for everyone we headed to town to get propane, cash checks, do a small Walmart run, get fuel and get a bite to eat.
We then went to the Power of the Past tractor show. I love seeing all the old tractors on display and walking around in all the stuff people are selling. Anything from crafts to toy tractors, parts, rugs, homemade jams and jellies, scentsy, old signs and just “junk”. Treasures sometimes too. We came across a 30lb propane tank that was in good shape which made our day. We fill them to run our hot water heater and our outdoor cook stoves. My daughter and I spied a frontier dress and hat that was in good shape but used for a costume. We ended up getting it for $6 which is an awesome deal. Her and I both like those outfits. We both love the 1800’s clothing. I was also on a hunt for a Coleman collapsable oven to use outside but didn’t have success. There was a lot of cool stuff we could have invested in like cast iron cooking pans and tools for cooking, hangers etc. But you have to have a lot of money sometimes. We are on the hunt for affordable to our budget items. Most things we take away ideas to make. One lady I will go buy from makes aprons, pot holders, embroiders tea towels and makes the cute bonnets that turn into a small apron with pockets. Her stuff is simple and very inexpensive. I found 4 potholders which I only paid $1.75 for all 4. I also picked up two of those bonnets one for me and one for a friend for $5 each. I would rather help a fellow crafter who lives off those funds than most I see.

Today is a full day

We woke up to temperatures in the 50’s and my house was a cool 60. we opened the windows and enjoyed the cool night air. i cant wait till we can enjoy it during the day too. we still need to use the air conditioner most days. Im working towards a cheap electric bill! We are headed back in to the show today to give a guy we have restore toy tractors, payment. He restored a tractor for my son that looks exactly like his grandpas 4010 tractor and we had a farmall restored. My hubby’s bosses had toy tractors restored too. This guy does a phenomenal job! We have to get him paid. 🙂 also there is a parade of tractors during the day and threshing demos, horse drawn demos, rock crushing, log sawing demos, etc… Those are so fun to watch and it makes me wish we could do horse drawn farming and driving..
We have a birthday party for a sweet little boy today also. Our friends little boy turns 3 today. He is smart and just so durn cute! 🙂 he loves cows, tractors, and Thomas the train characters. It’ll be a nice day!






Lazy day and humbleness

Lets take a nap……

So today has been a little lazy for my hubby and I… He hasn’t had much lazy rest days this summer and its nice to see him rest and relax. We’ve both took a nap today as kids done some of their school. I’m glad to see I can trust them to do some school on their own and they want to catch up from last year some too. Our two older kids are working today all day and my eldest is driving his first long trip today after he gets off work to visit a friend 10 hours north of us.

humbleness…. This one hurt

Last night we were hurrying out of the house to get to church because #3 son was getting to preach. I was the last one to head out of the house and the kids left the door open. Well we have two kittens that love to dart in and I got upset that the door was open because I was still trying to gather stuff. I was mad… I will admit things crossed my mind that God has been convicting me about like calling my kids nerds, or saying what a dork! Not meaning a really bad thing but yes it is. Moms get frustrated! Anyways I finally got out the door and had put my stuff in the car and remembered that I needed to have tomatoes for some of our families at church. I turned around and quickly headed towards the door to the house and bam I fell face first into the concrete step. I sat there a moment because I didn’t know how hurt I was. When I finally got up and headed into the house humiliated and mad. I had dirt all over me and my knees and hands burned. I had cuts on my knees and my eldest was in the shower so I couldn’t wash up. I had quickly changed my outfit and headed with the family to church. I sat there and remembered the conviction I had when I got mad at the kids and I knew I had brushed it off and said “I’m in a hurry” to God. Well I truly believe God caused me to tumble because I did not deal with it. I quickly confessed it when I realized what had happened. You may say that wasn’t bad or he didn’t do that but I have been in his word and praying ad asking him to convict me of not living my life the way he wants. He did!
Today I am sore, I feel as though my whole body was jarred out of place. But I learned a lesson!