Lazy day and humbleness

Lets take a nap……

So today has been a little lazy for my hubby and I… He hasn’t had much lazy rest days this summer and its nice to see him rest and relax. We’ve both took a nap today as kids done some of their school. I’m glad to see I can trust them to do some school on their own and they want to catch up from last year some too. Our two older kids are working today all day and my eldest is driving his first long trip today after he gets off work to visit a friend 10 hours north of us.

humbleness…. This one hurt

Last night we were hurrying out of the house to get to church because #3 son was getting to preach. I was the last one to head out of the house and the kids left the door open. Well we have two kittens that love to dart in and I got upset that the door was open because I was still trying to gather stuff. I was mad… I will admit things crossed my mind that God has been convicting me about like calling my kids nerds, or saying what a dork! Not meaning a really bad thing but yes it is. Moms get frustrated! Anyways I finally got out the door and had put my stuff in the car and remembered that I needed to have tomatoes for some of our families at church. I turned around and quickly headed towards the door to the house and bam I fell face first into the concrete step. I sat there a moment because I didn’t know how hurt I was. When I finally got up and headed into the house humiliated and mad. I had dirt all over me and my knees and hands burned. I had cuts on my knees and my eldest was in the shower so I couldn’t wash up. I had quickly changed my outfit and headed with the family to church. I sat there and remembered the conviction I had when I got mad at the kids and I knew I had brushed it off and said “I’m in a hurry” to God. Well I truly believe God caused me to tumble because I did not deal with it. I quickly confessed it when I realized what had happened. You may say that wasn’t bad or he didn’t do that but I have been in his word and praying ad asking him to convict me of not living my life the way he wants. He did!
Today I am sore, I feel as though my whole body was jarred out of place. But I learned a lesson!


3 thoughts on “Lazy day and humbleness

  1. dkpearce466

    Bless your heart friend! Those lessons in humbleness are hard (no pun intended)! We can either humble ourselves first, or He can do it first! I’ve learned through the years, that its much easier to do it yourself. Through situations like this, we learn to recognize Gods voice and the gentle nudge that doesn’t have to be a face scraping!

  2. Phyllis Randall

    About the upset with your kids; I have been there and used to slam the cupboard door. After so many times of it coming back and hitting me I had to laugh and get over myself. My life verse is Psalm 19:14 Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer. Not only what you say, but what you meditate on.


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