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Apologies and holiday greetings and memories from our homestead

Greetings from our homestead……

Good morning from our busy homestead… It’s been a very eventful fall and busy. Now we are heading into December and I am sitting here thinking where did the time go? There was soybean harvest this fall… My hubby and my boys worked hard to get bean harvest done for my father in law between rains. My hubby was able to plant some wheat here a couple of weeks ago… It’s hard to try to keep up with running back and forth taking kids to milk and making sure things are ok.
School has went fairly well but we’ve had a few weeks here where it’s been hard to fit in all subjects for the day.

It was somewhat of a wet fall at the beginning and temps have been cold a few weeks here. Now we are going to warm up for a few days then chances of snow next week! I can’t believe how quickly the weather seems to change! I can’t keep up. We finally removed our air unit last week from our bedroom window. It was chilly with the gaps around it. Now our room is warm! 🙂
Thanksgiving we had my parents over and I made a huge meal of all the fixings! We were stuffed! Then we went in the evening to sears and michaels. That was the only shopping we did. I can’t stand crowds! So forget the insanity of Walmart and other places… Just isn’t my thing!! But all in all thanksgiving was a good day!


Today marks 19 years my mother has been gone. It seems like yesterday. She was only 22 days past her 50th birthday. She had been diagnosed with 4th stage non Hodgkin lymphoma that July and it took her within a few months. I was a young mom,21, and had a almost year old boy and 4 months along with #2 boy. I miss her so much even today. She was a frugal lady, very crafty with her hands, loved to be at home.. Loved God with all her heart! I can’t wait to see her again some day soon!

Bethlehem tour…

I am now working on crafts for a Bethlehem tour that our family acts in every year. I am part of the towns people and am the ” light shop lady” I sell candles and other wares.. I’ve been making beeswax candles, natural potpourri, wooden spool ornaments and hand painted cards along with soaps for the holiday. I still have cinnamon roll candles to do and some hand dipped tapers. I’ve also been painting rustic ornaments for our tree. You can visit and see my crafts at my etsy shop: PrairieLightCrafts.
We got busy yesterday and with the help of my daughter and my sons friend Becca was able to get the tree up and decorations done in several places in the house. I decorated using burlap, flannel ribbon and branches from trees.. Pinecones and cedar. Besides listening to Christmas music on pandora radio and watching the nativity movie last night as we relaxed.


I want to apologize to my readers for not keeping up with my blog. I will try to do better at writing! I hope and pray that you all have a blessed holiday and remember what the true meaning of Christmas is! Over 2000 years ago! A special gift! Born in a stable and come to earth to save mankind! Jesus is The reason we celebrate christmas!