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Full weekend

It’s been a full weekend….

We’ve been busy this weekend with all sorts of things! It’s been nice and cool outside…beautiful! We received strong storms Thursday evening and through the night. We ended up getting 4 inches of rain! What a blessing! My tomatoes are going to be lasting much longer YAY! We were getting pretty dry again and needed a good rain. Only downfall is ragweed has spiked… Allergies!

Friday evening

Friday evening our teens and some adults went to a teen rally. It was a really nice rally. They expected a 100 some kids but had almost 300! Enduring was the theme. Good skit singing and preaching! Then it was ice skating and roller skating till midnight. My hubby and I didn’t dare get on skates but our two younger kids had a blast on the ice. We aren’t used to staying up that late so I forgot about setting the alarm and woke up yesterday at 11. Yikes! My whole day felt messed up! But all in all great day!

Car show and junk hunting

My hubby and his friend are starting a business of escrap. So they put an ad out on Craigslist. Well yesterday they had to go pick up a load in KCMO. It was an abandoned house that a lady was cleaning out. Talk about yuck! Dog hair, stench of cigarettes and clutter. She told us originally there were over 200 Pepsi 2 liter bottles stacked all over the house. The original owners children moved the owner to Washington and just left everything in the house. It had been ransacked by people trying to find money and items of worth. Well the guys set to work in the basement finding computer stuff. 2 hours later a truck load. I rummaged through the kitchen area (the lady told me I could have whatever I found) I went through thinking only find things that I could use. I knew if I brought anything home it needed a thorough washing. My finds were a three tier hanging basket, a cookie sheet looked like it never had been used, two mixing bowls (white older fire king) two stainless steel pans (heavy) almost brand new, three aprons, and linens and a loaf pan. We found an old pencil sharpener too. These people had left food in the fridge and freezers (I never opened) they left food in cabinets. Talk about sad and a waste. I don’t understand people who do things like that. There were nice sets of dishes and cookware you name it and you’d find it. People just waste so much! Some would say oh gross you go through that? Well I can’t see it going in a dump when someone can use it!
After we got back home from that adventure everyone wanted to clean up!!! Then we headed into our local town for a Cruise night of old vintage cars. This year was the biggest with over 2000 cars at the car show. I love seeing old cars from 1919 to 1940. I would love to own an old model T or A. Also 1960’s Camaro. It was a nice night to be out and again we were out later than usual.

spoiled milk

My hubby had to milk at the dairy this morning and walked in to a bulk tank that was warm and 1751 lbs of milk that was soured. Whoever had milked last night had forgot to turn on the bulk tank to cool down the milk. What a waste! He hates when things like that happen! It wasn’t his fault. But most of the time no one owns up to it. The boss’ son is not responsible even at age 30 something. I’m glad that hopefully by spring my hubby can quit the job. He’s been there for ten years and no raise. Only thing that has helped us is that we’ve been able to have a few cows of our own for some extra income.
Well today is Sunday and its almost time for church! I look forward to church.! A reprieve from everyday and time to fellowship and worship! I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday! Happy Autumn!!!