September 11,2001

Yes I remember where I was. My dad had called me to say the twin towers had been hit in New York. I had never even thought about terrorists. I was a 28 year old mother of 4 small children. 2 were in school at the time (kindergarten and 1st) my hubby had been laid off from a telecommunication job the month before. We were struggling to make ends meet. He was depressed because he had lost his job. Anyways when I heard the news of the planes crashing into the towers I felt panicked. I wanted my kids home safe with me. I quickly ran over to my neighbor friend who was still asleep to try to tell her… She didn’t answer the door… I was thinking everyone needs to know in case there is more.
We sat watching glued to the tv. I had my first panic attack that day. I feared what the day held. Fuel panic you name it. I had never thought our world could turn that quickly. I mean my son was born on the Oklahoma City bombing day but that was an American why do these terrorists want to hurt us?
The images of people jumping, buildings collapsing. Days after no sounds of air traffic. It was a very scary time.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized

Life is fragile. God doesn’t promise tomorrow. I’ve come to know God since then. Yes I was raised in a Christian family. But I had never believed. I don’t fear tomorrow now. I do prepare for hard times though. Our family has seen many trials and job loss. I prepare my family now by storing and learning skills. In 2001 I didn’t have those skills. At the time I was too busy to care. I think people are still that way.

In line of recent events

I think we are smart to store up study up and look up. With the possibility of talks of war or striking on Syria I am reminded that we as a country have turned our backs on our creator! We’ve said no one can defeat us. A scary thing to say. We need to humble ourselves and seek Gods face as the scriptures say.
So looking back and remembering today I want to thank all those who have sacrificed for our nation. I will remember those lives lost that day. I will cry out to God that many turn back to him and our nation and government turn to him. I will continue to prepare and watch.



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