Hoping for reprieve

It’s been a very warm couple if weeks with very little rain. The grass and ground need a drink of rain. I am hoping that this cool front coming is a welcome reprieve from the heat. With heat indexes in the 100’s I am looking forward to 80’s. I hope it stays!

Fall is my favorite season!

Cool temps, apple picking, burning yummy scented candles, deer season and colorful leaves, pumpkins, hot coffee…The list goes on.
My tomatoes are still producing and I have been freezing what we don’t eat or give away to family and church. My okra is a small row and isn’t giving what I thought it might but we will enjoy what we can. I didn’t get to put in a fall garden. I was hoping to but so far I haven’t accomplished it. I hope to plant some lettuce and cool weather short term crops to eat this fall. But time passes so fast!
My two youngest have started school and are able to stay home in the mornings to get school work going. We haven’t had a normal school year in 3 years. But then I wonder does any homeschool family have a normal school year? Lol it’s going to be a great year and much learning. Well time to start dinner outside on my outdoor 2 burner stove. It’s better than a stuffy 90 degree kitchen! 😉



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