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Facebook and cows

today I deleted Facebook

Today I deleted my Facebook account and my homestead page. I will be solely using this blog now to tell of the adventures if our homestead. It takes 14 days to actually delete Facebook. Which is kind of crazy. Anyways I’m looking forward to becoming “unplugged “from social media. I had been on since 2007. It was addicting and distracting and sometimes I wondered how freely people put things on there. Likes, places they are at…etc. You sometimes really see the true character of people on social media.Not many will agree with me and that’s fine. I just have had my eyes opened to how naive and open our society is and they don’t care. Not everything is secure as fool proof! Anyways I will now get to do my blog for the day, check my email and do some research sometimes but I am excited to get back to the basics! If I could I’d stop texting but we will see how things progress this way.

Our jersey milk cow….

Our jersey milk cow has become bloated and has had loose bowels. Yes sick I know. We made a trip to the vet to get two meds that are not antibiotics to help her. She is a vital source of food for us providing milk to make butter and cheese and drinking milk. Annabelle I hope will now start feeling better. The vet thought our alfalfa hay was rich for her to have in front of her a lot. Just enough at milking times and the other she is on grass.
My eldest is returning today from a 5 day trip to Minnesota to visit a friend. We’ve missed him and glad he is coming back. He also has to get back to his job.
Did you know today was national cheeseburger day? I plan on making some juicy burgers with provolone and cheddar cheese. 🙂 lettuce, pickles and thin sliced garden tomatoes!
The pulled pork last night turned out great! The family loved it with rice and the slaw. My dessert was a pumpkin cream cheese cake. It was so good with a spoonful of whipped cream! Super easy to make but I can’t say light on the calories. 🙂
The weather has shaped up and I’ve been washing clothes today. It’s been muggy now that we had an inch of rain. Temps will be back into the upper 80’s and 90’s. the wind is blowing so clothes are drying nicely! My laundry room was a sorry mess with laundry scattered.