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Full weekend

Friday was field trip day….

Yesterday the kids did some school in the morning and since it was payday for everyone we headed to town to get propane, cash checks, do a small Walmart run, get fuel and get a bite to eat.
We then went to the Power of the Past tractor show. I love seeing all the old tractors on display and walking around in all the stuff people are selling. Anything from crafts to toy tractors, parts, rugs, homemade jams and jellies, scentsy, old signs and just “junk”. Treasures sometimes too. We came across a 30lb propane tank that was in good shape which made our day. We fill them to run our hot water heater and our outdoor cook stoves. My daughter and I spied a frontier dress and hat that was in good shape but used for a costume. We ended up getting it for $6 which is an awesome deal. Her and I both like those outfits. We both love the 1800’s clothing. I was also on a hunt for a Coleman collapsable oven to use outside but didn’t have success. There was a lot of cool stuff we could have invested in like cast iron cooking pans and tools for cooking, hangers etc. But you have to have a lot of money sometimes. We are on the hunt for affordable to our budget items. Most things we take away ideas to make. One lady I will go buy from makes aprons, pot holders, embroiders tea towels and makes the cute bonnets that turn into a small apron with pockets. Her stuff is simple and very inexpensive. I found 4 potholders which I only paid $1.75 for all 4. I also picked up two of those bonnets one for me and one for a friend for $5 each. I would rather help a fellow crafter who lives off those funds than most I see.

Today is a full day

We woke up to temperatures in the 50’s and my house was a cool 60. we opened the windows and enjoyed the cool night air. i cant wait till we can enjoy it during the day too. we still need to use the air conditioner most days. Im working towards a cheap electric bill! We are headed back in to the show today to give a guy we have restore toy tractors, payment. He restored a tractor for my son that looks exactly like his grandpas 4010 tractor and we had a farmall restored. My hubby’s bosses had toy tractors restored too. This guy does a phenomenal job! We have to get him paid. 🙂 also there is a parade of tractors during the day and threshing demos, horse drawn demos, rock crushing, log sawing demos, etc… Those are so fun to watch and it makes me wish we could do horse drawn farming and driving..
We have a birthday party for a sweet little boy today also. Our friends little boy turns 3 today. He is smart and just so durn cute! 🙂 he loves cows, tractors, and Thomas the train characters. It’ll be a nice day!







Welcome to my homestead blog

Welcome to Kansas prairie light homestead. I am transferring from having a blog page on Facebook to a full blog on the Internet. I will be posting about our homestead and family, also anything that will help others to live simply and frugal.